The Lodge at the Winery

Sassafras Springs is excited to announce our newest addition, The Lodge at the Winery, opening in the summer, 2019. This beautiful stone and cedar structure has 3,000 feet of interior space and sleeps up to 10 guests. There are four elegant suites — the Syrah, Rosé, Cabernet and Chardonnay — and the fabulous Sassafras Great Hall that features large windows and decks looking out on the vineyard and hills.

Suggested Uses

Host a bridal party, rehearsal dinner, a retreat for corporate executives, or a family reunion—the possibilities are endless for celebrating life, love and wine. The Lodge features a full kitchen for your personal use. Rent the entire Lodge for your special event.

To learn about these and other exclusive features and options, along with pricing and contact information,
visit The Lodge at the Winery website.

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